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RE: bolbitis heteo

>My LFS has got a tank full of B. heteroclita for sale.  Has anyone here been
>able to grow this submerse?  Would you share your secrets?

Yes but it looks nasty submersed. Good plant for the terrarium though. Can't
recommend it for a tank.

  It's cool
>looking stuff.  BTW, there are two other aquatic Bolbitis spp. out there
>(probably only in the wild!), has anyone seen/grown  these? 

The common one is a nice plant (B. huedelotii) or which there are two
varieties*(this might change to two species) one being a smaller bushier
type getting about 6-8 inches tall and another larger type getting 16-20
inches tall. I believe there another type called B. filipinii but I've never
seen it yet but am told that it does well submersed.

 I think one is
>B. fluvitalis (I'm guessing) and the other?

Sounds like the older nomenclature perhaps from Dr. Rataj's book? I don't
know what the the status of these names are now.
Tom Barr