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RE: Crium calamistratum

>I received this plant a few weeks ago, in somewhat poor condition. It had one 
>short root, about 1/4-1/2 inch, and a single, white leaf, cut off to about 
>1". It's attempting to grow new leaves. The other day, I was rooting around 
>in the tank, adding some iron/mineral tabs, and it seemed loose still. I 
>fiddled around a bit and out it came--it hadn't even attempted to root. I 
>noticed where roots had been (before shipment to me), there were circular 
>blackened spots, as if the roots had rotted off, and the one shortened root 
>was not doing anything. I nipped this root again with a knife and replanted 
>it. I guess the plant is growing from reserves in the bulb, but not real 
>well. Is there anything I can do with this to encourage growth & rooting? 
>Substrate is flourite and gravel w/terralit added.

I've had this plant likely longer than anyone in the USA besides Dan Q. It
likes light and is a slow grower at first. It may take some time before it
gets going(perhaps 2-6 months maybe less). Mine are nice and big( I think I
have about 10 or so). Your gravel should be fine. The bulb is sensitive and
some folks have suggested wrapping it in peat, then planting the bulb. I
didn't fine this to work very well and it caused more problems for me. I
also have 2 plants that are aquatica but I'm not sure if they are different
types or varieties. Same applies to them. I just make sure I'm very careful
not to bruise the bulb when I plant them and also DO NOT move them unless
you have to. They hate this. Over the years I have gotten 2 brood bulbs. I
would suspect that it will take quite some time for anyone to propagate this
plant and most will never do it unless they keep it for many years
undisturbed. One of my top 5 fav plants. It not picky as far as temp
goes.......72 to 85F.

Tom Barr