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Bleaching gravel

>>Would bleaching Flourite destroy its chemistry and render it useless in 
>>regards to its iron-bearing property?

>Don't do it. On anything porous for that matter. Hard as hell to get it all
>out afterwards. Use SAE's- they will eat BBA. 

They might control it for a while but they will never get all of it and
it will return. You need to eradicate, not control it.

I have to diaagree with you on a couple of points, Thomas. First, no
gravel used in an aquarium should be "porous" as to me that implied
it's soluable. Ignoring that, if you bleach gravel and can't get rid of 
the bleach, simply use sodium thuisulphate (photographers "hypo")
that you can buy by the pound as a solid. Dump somwe in, it will
comlpetely neutralize the chlorine simply and instantly.

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