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Eheim CO2 Diffuser

I just went out and bought and Eheim CO2 Diffuser today.. impulse buy which
I'm kinda regretting..
Firstly at the moment I am only running DIY so soon I found that it doesnt
have the pressure to run the diffuser.. bummer.. But I am soon to have a new
tank with tank of CO2 (any recommendations on this would be appreciated) and
thought I could use it with this.  But then I read that the system that uses
a Eheim CO2 diffuser is classed for high pressure CO2 systmes (that is they
need around 10-15psi to run properly) and this could empty the CO2 tank real
quick into my tank if something went wrong and also that after 2 weeks the
bubbles become big (i guess you jsut ogtta clean it right).  At the moment I
am just using a wide end of a gravel vac on the outlet of my eheim with
water being pumped down and the CO2 goign up and being mixed and swirled..
even if i did use the diffuser id still need something liek this because the
small bubbles still go to the top.. doh..

Jon Hammond