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Re: Mg deficiency

Alex Holeczy asks about adding Mg to the water to correct what 
appears to be a Mg deficiency.

Alex, it does sound like a magnesium deficiency, although there 
could be other causes as well. At any rate, I don't think GH 4.5 is 
all that high, and it could be that the preponderance is calcium, 
since the KH is the same. I have almost 3 times that GH and I 
have seen Mg deficiency symptoms when not supplementing. I 
would suggest you add Epsom salts (from drug or grocery store) 
solution to the water. Make it up as per the PMDD recipe, with just 
MgSO4 and water, and dose a couple mls each day. See if that 
helps. Also, are you adding a complete liquid fertilizer? Something 
with trace elements might be a good idea too. Just go easy with it 
so as not to bring the algae around.

Cathy Hartland