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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #277

>(2)Most of my experiences with this species is with the red horemanni
>variety. At times, I have had my red horemanii grow so large in the 70
>gallon tank that its leaves were unable to stay totally under water.
>Consequently, they would pile up and part of the leaf would be essentially
>"floating" on the surface. Because of the tight quarters, the leaves could
>not float evenly and parts of the leaves would be partially out of the
>water and dry out.This was not a pretty sight. Maybe this was different
>than the floating behavior of your strap-like uruguayensis-type Echinodorus.
>- --Neil

Yes -the plant is different than what you described. The floating leaves are
quite orangish,waxy and never dry out even right under a MH @ about 10
inches. Never a dry leaf. Some of the more interesting floating leaves IMO.
Very nice plant if I was willing to trim the floating leaves.
Tom Barr