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Re: Red Sword Recommendations

I was trying to get an Indian Red Sword. I was sent something which was 
supposed to be an Indian Red, but looks nothing like the picture in Pablo 
Teepot's book. At first I thought it might be ozelot or ozelot nova, but 
grown emersed. It's been in my tank a few weeks, and leaf color and shape is 
growing in the same, submersed. Could someone identify this? At 

I think the Indian Red appears to be a more solid color and leaf shape 
significantly differs from this.



> The Indian Red is great new plant. It is yet another hybrid of E. X barthii
>  (the "so-called" double red hybrid of E.osiris). The nice thing about
>  Indian Red is that it does not appear to get large. The largest mine have
>  gotten is ~8 inches, but I have not yet exposed it to relatively high
>  light. It has been growing a few years in my low (~1wpg) light 70 g tank.
>  There is a picture of it on pages 7 and 28 of the Spring 2000 issue of PAM.
>  I suspect that with brighter light, the older leaves may retain more red.
>  Another neat plant is the so-called "Red Flame." This is a variant of
>  ozelot. I call it the "green on red" ozelot. Although I am red-green color
>  blind, the colors are very constrasty and show up much better (to me) than
>  the orginal ozelot.