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pygmy chain sword

Hi, there are many types of plants that could be labeled as pygmy chain 
swords Echinodorus quadricostatus (broader leaves I believe this may be the 
one you have), Echinodorus tenellus (narrow leaves i think this is the one 
the responder was refffering to)and Sagittaria subulata ... and some more i 
think but these are the 3 on top of my head that my LFS usually refers to as 
pygmy chain sword plants..

here's the link to tropica's website for a so-so picture
1) http://www.tropica.dk/68.htm
2) http://www.tropica.dk/67.htm
3) http://www.tropica.dk/79.htm

i believe these pictures are drawings (for the 1st 2)
I've got pictures of each of these plants but I haven't posted them onto my 
site.. so i hope these pictures help..

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