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Re: Shawn Prescott forward

On Fri, 5 May 2000, Adam Novitt quoted Shawn Prescott as saying:

> We prefer a level of around 2-3 ppm of Potassium, though I realize that
> there are those who prefer higher amounts. Anyway I doubt if anyone prefers
> 35-60 ppm, and there are references in the literature that such amounts can
> cause problems, and by our experience they certainly do.

We've been hearing for years now that potassium can be dosed freely
without problems.  That has always seemed to me like advise that had to
break down as potassium concentrations became extreme.  I'm glad to see
someone finally reporting that problems do appear at high concentrations.

Can Mr Prescott give a description of the problems came up with high
potassium levels?

Roger Miller