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Shawn Prescott forward

I have contacted Shawn Prescott off list about his CO2 product to see if
they might be right for the 15 high that I am commissioned to set up.  He
had been reading some of the recent APD's and asked me to pass on this as he
had been having difficulties in posting it.  He seems like a really nice

Several of my customers have in recent days, asked me about the origin of
our products.

The Aquarium Landscape products were developed by the undersigned, and are
either made by us at our laboratories in Maryland, or made for us here in
the USA to our specifications.

It is true that some of these products resemble the Amano line. We tried
originally to get his agency, but when we found the cost of the products
(Amano does not make any of them, but does lay down the specifications), we
then tried to make an arrangement to produce them here under his name. He
had agreed in principle to do this if necessary, before I visited him at his
establishment in Niigata on the west coast of Japan.

However when I visited and  explained that the cost of the line was too high
by far for US consumers, he decided not to allow the production here in the
USA, and we (Aquarium Landscapes) proceeded to create our own line. This we
have done at prices that are a great deal less than the Amano products, and
we will continue to add products, and also make constant improvements.

I should point out that many Amano products also parallel Dennerle or Dupla
products. We have made many small improvements to the line, and also because
we are growing over 70 species of plants in our greenhouse, have developed
several totally original products, as we had found many problems using the
Amano samples that we had imported. We especially found problems with the
additives, and because of this had to develop a simple easy to use, and not
too expensive Potassium  test kit. We had had many problems with tanks
adding his "Brightly Green" and others as directed. When we finally measured
the level of Potassium in the tanks giving us problems, we had some 18-28
times the level we now work with without any of the same difficulties.

We prefer a level of around 2-3 ppm of Potassium, though I realize that
there are those who prefer higher amounts. Anyway I doubt if anyone prefers
35-60 ppm, and there are references in the literature that such amounts can
cause problems, and by our experience they certainly do.

We also have real earth Laterite, cable heaters, and a filter that
introduces no air, this helping to cut down on alagal growth and much else.
Within a week or so, all our products and plants will be on our Fish-Vet web
site, the plants are there already.

I see some adverse comments about our graphics, and must plead guilty. I do
these myself, to cut down on outside costs, and feel at this stage of our
development that it is better to put the money into good products, and give
good value, rather than paying out too much for promotion and agency people,
which would have to be added to the prices we charge. As I become more
familiar with the software, or perhaps later when things justify it, we will
improve this shortfall, in the meantime I ask your indulgence and

Sincerely yours

Shawn Prescott    for Aquarium Landscapes.