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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #262

> a 20 gallon outside, about 1/3 full of water.
>. I assume goldfish or
> guppies would survive... are there any other choices? This is, obviously,
> very low maintenence operation. ;-)

1/3 of 20 is about 6 and 2/3 gallons.  This definately rules out goldfish,
as they will grow FAR too big for that space.  (besides, the tank doesn't
really hold 20 gallons to start with, anyways - factor in substrate and all,
you'll probably have 5 gallons of less in there).
Not knowing your climate, one cannot make an ideal reccomendation, but I
assume you're in a warmer area.
I'd go with guppies, for sure.  Size issues aside, the guppies will have one
excellent quality - they love to eat mosquito larvae.  With a tank of still
water on your pation, mosquitos would have a perfect home base to raid your
BBQ's from :)  Guppies should keep that all under controll.
another fish to consider is White Cloud Minnows. They like temps down in the
low 70's to mid 60's, so would be great if you're in a slightly cooler
climate.  They are also very attractive fish.  I'm not sure if they would
eat mosquite larvae like guppies, though.


In sunny fairfax, where the winters are too cold for an outdoors tropical