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Re: Vals & peat (was Gitte's Crypts)

I have a little experience with a few of the questions asked. I have noticed 
that some valisnerias don't seem to do real well in soft and acidic water. 
They could be fast-growing and good starter plants, but I'd be a little 
cautious about putting a fortune into vals. and have them not work out. Any 
suggestions from other subscribers would be welcome on this topic.

In two separate tanks with the same kh and gh (3 and 4 respectively), but 
vastly different lighting, and one tank with CO2 addition-- I attempted 
contortion valisneria. They were well-grown, healthy plants. The first tank 
was low-light and they were slow-growing but made it. I then moved them to a 
higher light CO2 tank. Nearly all the leaves melted, though some are 
producing runners. Like some other plants do in my water, maybe it's just an 
initial melt and they will regrow. I don't know yet. I have read others had 
problems with vals. in soft water that did not resolve, but it appears from 
my experience that the CO2 addition is a factor (at least in my water 
conditions). OTOH, corkscrew vals are doing okay in that same tank.

As far as the peat goes, if you really want to impact pH, I have found the 
compresssed peat *granules* by far are the most effective. I fiddled with a 
bunch of different products till I found this stuff. A little goes a long 
way, but I do use it directly in filter flow.


David Napierkowski writes:

> I intend to plant heavily right off the bat and would appreciate the input 
>  those more  experienced than I. Thus far I have decided on
>  30 - 50 Val's of various kinds. Jungle, Italian crystal
>  5   more or less bunches of Ceratopteris
>  5 Aponogeton rigidifolius or as many as I can find
>  ditto with Aponogeton crispus
>  5 -  Swords (barthii, Marble Queen,Rubin, etc) ( but I concerned that I 
>  be jumping the gun here a bit)
>  5 - 10 Alternanthere reineckii * Roseafolia*
>  And whatever else that might catch my eye that is relatively fast growing 
> and 
>  likes slightly soft and slightly less than neutral pH. I'm keeping away 
>  the Crypts and other delicate lower light plants until the aquarium has 
>  stabilized, the plants growing well and established shaded areas where the 
>  aforementioned crytps will go.
>  Any and all suggestions, plant recommendations and or comments would be 
>  appreciated. But more specifically:
>  3. Initially, to soften and lower the Ph  I intend  to float nylon bags 
>  filled with peat moss in the tank , and then later condition the water I 
>  for water changes in the same manner. I appreciate that quantities depend 
>  the chemistry of my water and that it's a fine tune as you go process but, 
>  what type of peat would be best and or acceptable for this use?