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Karen Randall: "Where would we be if we were unwilling to learn from these

Sure, fine I agree completely but TFH and everyone else in publishing should
disclose who is writing the article when that information is patient to the
information at hand.

I occasionally own motorcycles, how would I feel if I found out that Honda
engineers were writing copy for Cycle World and that was not disclosed? What
if commentators on your local news programs were replaced with industry
insiders whenever an issue came up that effected that industry and it was
not disclosed that you were in fact listening to their point of view.
Infotainment is a creeping gremlin and I am compelled to question it where
ever I see it.

We turn to the press for at best and unbiased view, generally the best we
can get is a predictable bias but that seems to suffice.  Practices like
TFH's are unacceptable because they erode a principal foundation of trust
between the individual and society.

All I am asking is that they disclose this information as they do in FAMA.
If they have something valuable to tell me I'd like to know it. I just want
the information I need to, as you say " read carefully and thoughtfully"
when that person represents the trade I feel that information is salient to
reading " carefully and thoughtfully".