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Why exactly are Dupla and Tropica products so hard to come by?

I read on the Tropica website about why their plants
are not sold in the United States, but found their
explanation somewhat lacking.  Could someone explain?
I would pay more for certain plants if I could order
them by their scientific name and not those weird
trade names.  

I find it very frustrating trying to order a specific
plant.  I ordered Ludwigia arcuata awhile back and got
Rotala rotundifolia.  It's not the dealer's fault, the
same distributor sent him some unknown silvery
cyprinid instead of SAEs.  I want Tropica now.  

What about Mastergrow?  Even if the plants can't be
imported, why not that stuff?  Why isn't it on the
shelves just like eveything else?

And what's the story with Dupla?  I don't know
anything about that at all except that their products
are expensive but supposedly superior.    

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