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RE: Trimming tools

>What do others use for trimming dead/dying leaves from plants in their
>tanks?  I find sometimes the leaf stems are too hard to break with my
>fingers, and I end up getting just the leaf without the stem.  I thought
>about manicure scissors, but I'm sure there's something better???

Just small sharp scissors like Friskar's work great. Just any sharp
stainless steel will do great. Big giant tweezers are nice too.
>BTW, I got my first fish bite today.  While I was armpit-deep in the tank
>moving a couple of plants around, one of my black tetras was quite
>persistent in trying to munch on my arm.  It didn't hurt, of course, but
>hey, do I look like fish food?  Or did he/she (don't know the sexes of the
>black tetras yet, maybe someone can give me a clue on how to tell, they are
>very young yet) think this "intruder" needed to be dealt with?

Try a pack of Rosey barbs or Exodon paradoxus if you really want a nip. Then
there is always the Whimple piranha plant tank :). Just fed em first!

Tom Barr