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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #255

At 03:48 PM 4/30/2000 -0400,  Erik Olson wrote:r
>> * The CO2 article was a little odd. Written by Shawn Prescott it
>> featured photos of the Amano-like CO2 equipment advertised by Aquarium
>> Landscapes/Fish-Vet. The credit on the photos, which are obviously
>> clipped directly from the ads, is Shawn Prescott.
>Strange artwork too.  Looks like he actually cut them and traced the edges
>with a pen on some of the photos.  Makes me think he isn't with the
>company, because they would have included slicker product photos.

Shawn Prescott owns Aquarium Landscapes, which imports Chinese copies of
Amano-like items.  They are much more reasonably priced than the real Amano
stuff, but they are not as "fine".   Whether that matters to you depends on
the individual item and your personality.   Shawn needs to get better
control of his graphics, I think whoever does his work must charge him too
much so he doesn't use them enough.

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