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Re: growth and care of riccia fluitans

Hello everyone:

I thought I should share my experience and knowledge of Amano's insights 
into growing riccia (and making look like it does in his books).

Amano states that riccia is a high-light plant that requires plenty of CO2 
and iron.  Following Amano's fertilizing system I had very good experiences 
with riccia right from the start.  However, this only last for a short time 
before it begins to get out of hand.  Careful and disciplined prunning is 
needed to keep it looking good.

Amano ties it to flat slate stones using "riccia line" (a sort of very thin 
fishing line).  In some aquascapes, Amano uses riccia and hairgrass 
together.  He uses a method whereby he places two bunches of hairgrass along 
side a riccia patch.  He then takes individual strands of hairgrass and ties 
them over the riccia patch.  Interesting.


Art Giacosa
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