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Re: Riccia article & CO2

Hi everyone:

Just some comments on the riccia & CO2 article that appeared in the June 
magazine.  I have not read the articles but...

Riccia is a floating plant that will not attach itself to objects as would 
vesicularia dubyana (Java moss).  What happens is that after being submerged 
for some time, it looses its ability to float.  However, this is rarely 

As a result, to keep it submerged and looking good, you must tie it down 
using clear fishing line (something that won't decay).  Also, you must be 
religious about trimming it.  Otherwise, it will grow upwards.  When this 
happens, the lower portions (the ones attached by the line) will receive 
less light and rot resulting in the plant floating up to the top of your 

On the CO2 topic, I do know that Shawn Prescott may be importing some of 
ADA's products.  So anyone interested may want to ask him.  However, I will 
caution everyone that the ADA CO2 kits and cylinders come PRE-FILLED with 
compressed CO2.  That's great, but what's not so great is shipping the 
stuff.  Unless it is sent following the U.S. Hazardous Materials 
regulations, it is illegal to ship or receive it.  Although the cylinders do 
have safety valves, please be careful if you choose to buy such products.

Lastly, it is my understanding that the reason why some people advocate not 
adding CO2 during the night cycle of your aquarium is because photosynthesis 
does not take place without light.  Therefore, the need for CO2 is not 
there.  In fact, the plants, fish and bacteria continue to respire which 
release CO2 into the water.  That's why you may experience lower pH levels 

In one of Amano's books, he recounts a story of when his regulator got stuck 
and let CO2 in all night raising it to a toxic level.  As a results, all 
fish perished.  I've not heard of this happening to anyone else so this may 
be an extreme case.

Maybe someone can confirm or provide a more technical response.


Art Giacosa
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