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Increasing GH but not KH?

Is there anyway to increase GH without increasing KH at the same time? I wish to keep my KH at its current 5 degrees but I want to increase my GH to about 10dGH, how can I do this without altering my current KH level?

If I add Sodium Bi-carbonate it will only increase my KH level but if I add Calcium Carbonate it will raise both GH & KH, is there any chemical I could add instead that will only affect GH? Alternatively, is there a way to decrease KH without altering GH?

The reasoning behind this? Well I originally had my GH & KH levels at about 8deg each but I was finding I needed to inject a lot of CO2 to reduce my pH down to around 6.9 - 7.0, roughly about 4 bubbles a second through a Dupla Reaktor 400, and the CO2 concentration was also a little too high for my liking (about 30mg/l).