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SFO Bay Area

Hey everyone,

Alameda Aquatics is now carrying Siamese Algae Eaters. They're around 2" and 
$2.50. They finally got some in after I explained and showed the difference 
between the Flying Foxes and SAE's. You might want to snap these fish up 
since they only had a dozen in on Saturday. They said they tried to get more 
but they weren't available. Their address and # is-

Alameda Aquatics
1423 Webster St
Alameda CA 94xxx

Does anyone want any Micranthemum micranthemoides who lives in the Bay Area? 
I'm gonna do a major trimming of my tank next week and if you want to swing 
by and pick some up for free or trade (I'll meet you halfway if you want to 
trade) just let me know off list. I might even give away some of the other 
plants in my tank except for my rotala and anubias (anubias has some BBA, 
other plants are in great condition though). Check out my plants and tank at