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riccia & CO2 articles in new TFH

Has anyone picked up the June copy of TFH? There are a pair of
interesting articles on riccia and C02 that seem to contradict
everything I thought I knew about these two topics (which isn't much).

* The article on riccia (p. 21) states that "when attached to objects of
even the substrate, it develops roots and looks for all the world like
grass." In my experience, riccia doesn't grow roots or attach to
anything, at least underwater. 

* The CO2 article was a little odd. Written by Shawn Prescott it
featured photos of the Amano-like CO2 equipment advertised by Aquarium
Landscapes/Fish-Vet. The credit on the photos, which are obviously
clipped directly from the ads, is Shawn Prescott.

a) My first concern is what appears to be the use of what is supposed to
be an objective article to push a product. To me, this clearly violates
the line between advertising and editorial. Although no company names
are mentioned, anyone remotely familiar with CO2 equipment will
recognize those photos in a heartbeat. If the author is connected with
the company, how do we know we're getting good CO2 advice or just the
company's party line on CO2 systems? 

b) Second, the author says that C02 must be shut off at night. I use
Dave Gomberg's setup, and he said that C02 doesn't have to be shut off
at night. In the nine months I've been (successfully) running CO2, I've
left it on at night with no problem.

Any opinions on this?

amyh at atl_mediaone.net