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Re:something interesting on greenwater

>From: "Jon Hammond" <geohammo at iinet_net.au>
>Subject: something interesting on greenwater
>Being an aquaculture undergrad in our industry we go out of the way to
>maintain "green water" systems to feed to other food organisms such as
>rotifers.  There is a definate art to algae culture and I sure wish it was
>as easy as the occurances of greenwater in aquariums.  Anyway from my point
>of view I think that green water, given some time will die out by itself.
>Being an algae it multiples preety much expotentially and goes through
>phases... after the expotential phase it peaks and then without any more
>nutrients crashes... ie no more algae... Im not sure how fish in the system
>effects this as they are providing limited nutrients but I am going to leave
>my tanks normal minus the fertiliser and see what happens :o)

I had a 55 gallon once that had green water for at least 2 years, as I
recall.  It had a lot of big fat overfed platies in it, and it only cleared
up when I removed all the fish and put in some Daphnia.  After it cleared
up, the plants grew a lot thicker, and I was able to return the fish
without the green water returning.

Paul Krombholz, in central Mississippi, where we are getting very dry,