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C02 Diffusion Surface Area

I set up my 10 gallon for plants last Tuesday.  I use 1 bag of FLourite,
flourish tabs 2X, and Flourish liquid .4ml last Thrusday.  I have in the
back row from left to right, Water Sprite, Mayace, Moneywort, Mayace,
Rotala, Mayaca.  Then the front row left to right, Anubias, Crypt,
Gossostigma, Anubias, Java Moss.  I bought the Anubias 2X, the Java Moss,
water sprite (planted) and rotala last Tuesday, the rest on Friday.  I would
say it's rate of plant density is average.  Anyway I use a 3/4 ID CO2 "bell"
that's about 8" from the output flow of an 80gph powerhead and it has not
moved my ph over .40  So today for the first time one of my Anubias, and the
glossostigma are both bubbleing oxygen.  So all I'm really saying is that
the 3/4" Surface area for the CO2 bell seems damn near perfect for me.  So
that's just a reference. 10 Gallons, Average Density, 3/4" surface area.
RIght now I have 1 Triton light, and one standard light.  My Trichromatic
light is in a UPS truck somewhere on its way. So standard watts of 30.

Enjoying my newfound supposed success (determined my oxygen bubbles) on my
very first attempt at live plants in Minneapolis.