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Flourite Substrate

>I am leaning toward using the Flourite as I know it is good stuff and I will
>not want to tear down the 120-gallon show tank for many many years.  I just
>need some more convincing before spending 8-10X more $$ on Flourite than on
>Turface; any takers?

I've been working with a 75G tank with a Flourite substrate for several
months now.  Like you, I was off-put by the cost of doing a Flourite
substrate in a large tank.  I have to say though, that between the good
looks, ease of use and good plant growth, I am considering at some point
replacing the substrates in my other two tanks with it.  Yes it is
expensive, but it's a one-time expense.  I was not at all convinced that
I'd be happy with it before I tried it, and in truth, I don't like to give
an unreserved endorsesment to a substrate product until I've worked with it
for at least a year.  But so far, I am very, very impressed.