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Re: ADA catalog

> total 276,700
> @105 yen/dollar approximately 2,500 dollars
> i have no ada affiliation.
> cheers,
> gordon
> noh it all

well...  No wonder ADA didn't make it in the US - $2,500 for a 15 gallon
setup?!?!  Good grief!!!  A filter good for tanks up to 40 gallons (150L) is
$370? (the Eheim 2260 - good for up to 400 gallons - is only $250 in the US)
the stand is over $700?  Sorry, but proces like that are illegal over here
;)  I spent less than a tenth that cost for my 15 gallon setup!
Don't mean to sound xenophobic, but I wouldn't (actually, couldn't afford
to) pay those prices for that size tank - I'd be looking for something at
least 150 gallons if I shelled out $2500...

I'll admit the tank design ADA has is beautiful, but not that beautiful - if
they want to sell over here, reasonable prices are what's needed - forget
about discolsing what's in the fertilizer.


In Fairfax, where mother nature is reminding us that it's not *quite* spring