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Re: Amano Bashing! >:-)


Grumble, grumble.."green brighty"...high prices ...and all that jazz!
Learn this all ye nattering-naybobs -of -negativity:  Amano can do NO
WRONG!  We find all these things to complain about yet its his art and
genius that is doing more to raise the numbers of...  and ambitions of...
adherants to our hobbie.

Ok, "green brighty" ... well, pour the stuff in and it makes your plants
green & bright!!  End of story!  AyH! This isnt medicine!  Why cant we just
accept a mystery?  You guys wont think twice about jugging down a Coke,
Pepsi or gene-spliced, hormone laced, anit-biotic fed burger w/o a clue
what's in it!  Yet you have a hissy-fit over not knowing what's in
Ayh! The formula for PMDD is on the net! >:-)

Who do you guys think you are fooling with your, "Well, I won't buy it if
they won't tell me what's in it" ....BS!!  What you really mean is "How
DARE they sell it for THAT much and not tell me how to go to Home Depot /
Eckerd Drugs  make a cheap copy of it so I can put it on the net telling
everyone how to make it and ruin any economic incentive of making it in the
first place!" Then you guys complain "Why 'e dont sell 'is stuff in the US
no mo' ?"  (Why am I so sure that's what you're thinking?  Because that's
EXACTLY what I would do in a "New York min" if I knew what was in "green
brighty"!! >:-)

Ok, PRICES! THat has a LOT to do w/ currency exchange!  The same reason
Americans go broke on vacation in Japan.  This has'nt changed despite the
Asian economic-downturn.  Who knows, next time Amano may well open a
manufacturing outfit in a Mexican free trade zone and ship the stuff over
the same way the auto makers do it.

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