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green water

Hi,									4.27.00
	My water is green... it never has been like this before!  I have shut
off my lights, and the poor fish are living in darkness.  I was thinking
that since I just set up the tank a week and a 1/2 ago, that there was an
excess of nutrients...I was hoping that when the plants grew some more,
that they would absorbe the nutrients.  however, this is impossible
because the lights are off.  I am afarid that the water will soon be so
full of algea, that my fish may suffer.  Changing water hasn't
helped...and when I implimented my Micron Cartidge, it got worse.  My
tank is a 45 gallon.  I have 2 filters.  I have 5 herbivors.  Any help
would be appriciated.
				Many Tanks :-)

        >:)))*>                          Hanna
                  >:)))*>         hydrohanna at juno_com

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