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Re: anaerobic areas

On Wed, 26 Apr 2000, Bud W. wrote:

> Just read an article
> (http://www.e-aquaria.com/waterplants101.html) that
> suggest that anaerobic conditions can help nutrient
> uptake in certain cases. "...submerged soils are
> generally lacking in oxygen. This is of benefit to
> rooted aquatic plants since under anoxic conditions
> Fe, P and N are more readily available than under
> aerobic conditions." Comments?

This is a very nice little summary article by Dave Huebert, who used to
contribute a lot to this list.  His point that the availability of Fe, P
and N is promoted under anoxic conditions is certainly true.  However,
some of the horticultural methods discussed on this list provide
alternatives to using anoxic substrates to provide plants with access to
those nutrients.

Roger Miller