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anaerobic areas

"Roger S. Miller" <rgrmill at rt66_com> wrote

>I suppose this is possible but I have never seen it
>happen.  In fact I have several plants that flourish
>with their roots in the anaerobic zone below a chunk
>of driftwood.  At one time I uprooted a large B. 
>longifolia and found that most of its roots stretched
>out to one side, reaching out about 6 inches and into
>the zone below the driftwood.  My experience is that
>the oxygen-depleted zones are actually good for

Just read an article
(http://www.e-aquaria.com/waterplants101.html) that
suggest that anaerobic conditions can help nutrient
uptake in certain cases. "...submerged soils are
generally lacking in oxygen. This is of benefit to
rooted aquatic plants since under anoxic conditions
Fe, P and N are more readily available than under
aerobic conditions." Comments?

Bud W.

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