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Re: Fry in Planted Tanks

Stephen, I have a thirty gallon tank with 8 "Columbian
Red Tail" tetras.  I originally got 5, and in time had
ten adults.  Three more juveniles have recently
apeared.  Two full grown specimens have since died;
one disappeared during remodeling, and another jumped
out and was likely eaten by my dog (for real).   Mine
survived even with a pair of Steatocranus tinanti in
there (RAVENOUS!).  It helps if you feed the little
guys with a quality turkey baster (there are plenty of
not so durable ones out there) if you can't move them
to a safer temporary home.  Have you ever looked at a
water sample from your tank under magnification? 
There's plenty of microscopic life in there for them. 

I really enjoyed watching a pair of kribensis raise a
family in my tank awhile back.  Cool stuff.  

Those diamond tetras don't have a reputation as easy
breeders either.  Be proud of your accomplishment! 
Later, Cavan.  

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