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Re: New plant tank

Steve wrote:

"I am in the process of finally setting up my newest tank.  It is a 60 gal
(36"l x 20"d x 18"h). I was able to pick up some Duplarit G, and was
wondering if there will be any problems using it together with profile
aquatic soil.  BTW, I picked it up for about $15.00 cdn, is that a good

You don't need to use the Profile Aquatic soil with the Duplarit G.

There are 2 sizes of Duplarit G - I assume that you found the 100g package.
considering that the last retail price that I remember seeing the stuff
available for in Toronto was around $50.00 Cdn or $60.00 Cdn for the 200g
size (this was at least six or seven years ago) I'd have to say that yes, it
was a good deal. I just imported some Duplarit G from Dupla UK and with
shipping, duty and taxes I paid more. Is your source the former owner (or
son of the owner) of Aquarium Toronto?

James Purchase