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Re: Mark Weiss Products

  >Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 08:13:41 EDT
  >From: IrisKEJ at aol_com
  >Subject: Re: Mark Weiss Products
  >I'd like to stick up for Weiss for just a minute-you're really
  >giving him a
  >bashing there.  I work at a LFS, and we carry his saltwater product for
  >corals, Coral Vital, I believe it's called, and nearly every
  >person who works
  >with me will swear by it.  It does wonders for getting corals to
  >open up and
  >feed.  It's twenty bucks a bottle, but we sell plenty of it.
  >That's why I
  >trusted him to make a good freshwater plant product, so we'll see what
  >happens there, but I just wanted everyone to know that he isn't
  >totally a


Yes, Marc Weiss's is indeed called Coral Vital for marine reef aquarium.
Please keep us posted of your experience of his other product and as for CV,
please test your marine water for nitrate before AND AFTER using the CV for
a couple of weeks.

Unless Marc has changed the claims and formula for CV, it was never meant to
be a coral food.  And I don't recall seeing any claims for 'corals opening
wide' either.  Instead, coralline algae is supposed to thrive on CV.  But
then Marc has a lot of other x-Vital so maybe we are talking of different
products here.  In the UK, Marc released the Cactus Vital at about the same
time as he released Coral Vital in the US.