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Marc Weiss

I do not know weather or not  the Weiss product is good or not, that's just
the problem.  With little or nothing more than subjective claims it is very
difficult to determine.  I've tried Weiss products and had no results I
could attribute to them, good or bad.

My problem was that everyone was harshing on Amano and it seemed to me a
little xenophobic, like it was because Amano was Asian or something so he
didn't get out culture. To me he and Weiss are substantively using the same
sales methodology good products or not.

The whole 'planted tank' thing seems rife with this type of thing.  I recall
some reflector ad saying that it doubled the brightness of your lamps in the
That Fish Place catalogue. It seems to me that planted tanks are tricky, and
there is nowhere near the information available on a "balanced" planted
aquaria that there is on other types of setups.  It is to bad because it is
such a humane and beautiful part of the hobby.  I have some old Innes books
from the 30's that are as good as anything printed today.  What makes me
uncomfortable about Amano and Weiss and people like them is that even with a
great product it would seem very difficult to maintain a heavily planted
tank without some knowledge of the underlying forces at work.

If this holding hostage of information makes in some part for the failure of
novice aquarisits  dropping out of the plated tank part of the hobby and
more fish wind up captive in little barren tanks then we and our charges are
the worse for it.