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Re: supplementing potassium

Dave Grim wrote:
"I have read a couple of comments stating that some of us supplement K+ in
tanks that we use TMG in. My tank is 125 gallon, CO2 injected, 5
watts/gallon, using only TMG in the water column. I have no complaints about
plant growth, but wonder if it could be better with potassium
supplementation? One post I read stated TMG was relatively low in K+. Any
comments are appreciated."

Dave, only YOU can answer this question for your tank and situation -
comments from others regarding whether or not adding extra potassium when
using TMG (or any other fertilizer product) will have absolutely _no_
bearing on what it is likely do do to _your_ tank.

Potassium is generally held to be harmless (i.e. non-toxic) over quite a
wide range of concentrations, so I doubt that you would hurt anything by
supplementing it. In some tanks it can cause a nice boost in growth and
overall condition of the plants, but this is something you have to try for
yourself, in your own situation. If you do decide to supplement the
potassium levels, start slowly and change nothing else (i.e. don't try a
different fertilizer or other supplement until you can see what _just_ the
extra potassium does). Give things about a month and compare the condition
of your plants before you decide to adjust the dosing levels up or down.

James Purchase