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Re: Beating dead horses

Oddly enough, I have what I believe is this plant. After bringing it home and 
planting it in my aquarium, the leaves which sprouted were no longer red. I 
thought perhaps it had been grown emerged and so I had a different leaf 
color/shape. It was in a somewhat shaded area.

Oddly enough, after transfering to a new tank over a week ago, 2 of the stems 
starting growing those red leaves again. It's about an inch higher now, 
closer to the light obviously (with no glass in between impeding the light) 
but it's sprouting green leaves again. So I have red on a patch of growth, 
further back. Thinking it might be iron fertilization that went on that day 
that spurred the reddish coloring, I began more frequent, but smaller 
fertilization with Flourish. No more red.



 On Sat, 22 Apr 2000, Cavan wrote:
 > My Rotala rotundifolia is doing pretty well now.  Some
 > small leaves still appear, but those near the lights
 > are good sized and reddish.  Does light intensity
 > affect leaf size at all?  
And Roger replied:

<<For Rotala rotundifolia, yes.  Leaves closer to the lights are larger and
 usually redder than leaves deeper in the tank.