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Re: Beating dead horses

On Sat, 22 Apr 2000, Cavan wrote:
> My Rotala rotundifolia is doing pretty well now.  Some
> small leaves still appear, but those near the lights
> are good sized and reddish.  Does light intensity
> affect leaf size at all?  

For Rotala rotundifolia, yes.  Leaves closer to the lights are larger and
usually redder than leaves deeper in the tank.
> Some "tenellus" leaves are crinkled again, even though
> adding N and K has helped in the past.  Other swords
> are normal.   

Are the leaves crinkled lengthwise, so the leaves are folding in toward
their central vein?  That is the expression I've seen for calcium shortage
in E. tenellus.  If they're crinkled some other way, then this may not be
a calcium shortage.  With a GH of 8, a calcium shortage would seem
unlikely unless your hardness is due entirely to magnesium (an artificial
condition).  Perhaps the problem could be caused by a very high ratio of
sodium to calcium.

Roger Miller