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Re: Aquarium Vital

Hi Katie,
  I have only been using the Vital for two weeks now.  I was very impressed 
by it's description so I am trying it out.  CO2 devices are over my expense 
edge right now and I'm pretty excited to see the results of Vital.  As for 
other fertilizers, I listed the ones I use.  Leafzone is used by the online 
live aquatic plant distributors "Arizona Aquatic Gardens" which was how I got 
my recommendation for that.  I use the Root Tabs to get iron to the roots 
since I'd prefer tablets then a clayish mixture or anything.  And I add a few 
droplets of Flourish twice to benefit the leaves.
  I'm pretty happy with them all but unfortunately something is up lately 
with my plants (maybe administering the wrong amount?) and they are stunting. 
 Too bad nobody here knew what was wrong, I'll look around.  Good luck with 
the Vital.