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Re: Moving Time

As someone who has moved his tanks (9 total active, two heavily planted, 11 dry tanks
as well.) for the fourth and final (God, I hope!) time in the last 12 months, I can
offer some advice.

Use the gravel from the existing tank transfer all your plants into smaller
containers, flowerpot saucers and the like, at least a couple weeks before you move.
Then you can remove all the substrate from the larger tanks to lighten the load.
Stem plants, keep as much as you'll need to replant your tank, you can give the rest
away or sell it.
Crypts, well they are likely to melt either way, just pull them out and let them
float.  They don't seem to melt as bad if they are just floating there!
On moving day, remove all the planted pots to rubbermaid totes and keep covered to
maintain the humidity.  Bag the stem plants and crypts.  Bag all fish and drain the
tank.  Bag the filter media too but with without water, DO NOT CLEAN IT THOUGH.
You'll want the biological filter intact. Don't add water as it's Oxygen that is the
limiting factor for the bacteria.
Tearing down the tank is then just a matter of draining it.
Once at the new location, lay down a new substrate and fill the tank. Add Amquel or
other additives as needed and then set up the filter ASAP to keep the bacteria alive.
Acclimate the fish and set the potted plants on top of the new substrate for a week
or so.  The substrate in the plant pots should contain enough active biological
surface to keep the nitrogen cycle in check (just in case the filter colony dies
Do regular checks for Ammonia, Nitrites etc. (there shouldn't be any spikes if you
have enough "old" substrate.)
After a week or so and your significant other is happily unpacked from all the boxes
(you have to consider them too.) replant the tank.
Paul E. Turley

"Anything you say can and will be used against you in the greatest possible

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> Now, I've got 7 tanks and three of them are large.  I think I'm stuck this
> time.  There's no way I could move a 120 gallon heavily planted tank in this
> way. :(
> G. Kadar