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Moving Time

	The time has come for me (and my 30G planted tank) to move.
Here is my plan.. Please let me know what you think. I'm luck to have
a month of overlap when I will have both apartments, so I can take my
time and do things right.

	1) Drop extra filter pad in tank (does it need to really go in the
		filter? I don't think so) to establish it.
	2) Move my whole place other than fishtank. (sounds easy.. :) )
	3) Set up new tank at new place.. New substrate, new filter.
	4) Transport some plants and the extra filter pad to new tank.
	5) Wait a week or so (?)
	6) Transport rest of plants and fish (Krib, CAE, cories, rasboras).

	I've moved tanks in the past and it has always been a disaster
due to rushing and last minute planning.  I think this plan should make it
fairly painless, what do you think? Anything I'm not thinking of?

	Thanks Much,