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re: moving time

+AD4- The time has come for me (and my 30G planted tank) to move.
+AD4-Here is my plan.. Please let me know what you think. I'm luck to have
+AD4-a month of overlap when I will have both apartments, so I can take my
+AD4-time and do things right.

When we moved in 1997 I only had a 30gallon tank and it was no problem
whatsoever although prior to, I was dreading the process.  I filled a 16
gallon plastic tub that has thick nylon cord handles to the 2/3 mark with
tank water and put the fish into it.  Then I lowered the water level in the
tank to a depth of 2 inches at most and laid paper towels over the plants to
keep them moist.  The filter, heater etc. were placed in a smaller bucket
for the move.  With this amount of weight left in the tank, it only took the
two of us to carry it out and carefully slide it onto one of those gigantic
'bubble wrap' mats from a camping supplier.

The tank was no problem to set back up again.  I added dechlorinated water
and most of the water from the plastic tub, set up the heater etc. and
literally poured the fish back in.  No losses.  No trouble.

You didn't write anything about the distance between where you live now and
your new home.  Our move was across the city and the drive took about 45

Now, I've got 7 tanks and three of them are large.  I think I'm stuck this
time.  There's no way I could move a 120 gallon heavily planted tank in this
way. :(

G. Kadar