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Re: Disclosure of formula

on 01:48 AM 4/22/00 , Arturo Giacosa wrote:

>Their system makes sense
>and is the product of extensive research in the area.  I don't believe
>anyone should discount the product merely because it doesn't state the exact
>ingredients.  Discount it if you've tried it and it caused an algae outbreak
>or killed your plants.

I partially agree with this. I'd say go ahead and use their products (or 
other companies' un-disclosed products) *if* you use their entire system, 
since that's the way they tested it.

For those of us who mix and match fertilizers, or are trying to manage 
nutrients in a specific way (such as limiting phosphates) it's not such a 
good idea. Who knows what adding "Green Brighty" would do in combination 
with Flourish, or TMG, or PMDD.

To continue your analogy, I drink tons of Coca-Cola without knowing its 
exact composition. But if I had Diabetes, or Phenylketoneuria, or a food 
allergy, I wouldn't consume any product without an exact list of 
ingredients. And considering recurring algae problems and the phosphates in 
my tap water, I consider my aquaria to be "sensitive" in the same way, so I 
take the same precautions.

Another issue is repeatability. If I say "my plants used to grow poorly, 
but now I use Happy Leafy Growy Plant and they have taken over the whole 
room," you won't know whether it would have the same effect, or a 
disastrous effect, in your tank. If I say "my plants were iron deficient 
and adding Flourish Iron solved the problem," it's easy to apply to another 

By the way, one has only to walk down the Fertilizer isle at a hardware 
store to discover that Americans are just as much believers in "magic" as 
anyone else...

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