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Bacterial populations and the constant bickering about them.

"Matt" wrote:

>A complex animal such as a
>rat or bear or human or fish can perhaps live on a lower nutrient levels,
>slowly wasting, but surviving, but the lifespan of a bacteria is so quick,
>that they can't sit in your tank, soaking up nutrients for months.  I
>believe that if they don't have the nutrients to live and breed, they just
>die.  Thus the population is adjusted acording to availability of
>As far as applying proof, the person who proposed the idea of
>is required to show proof.

I am a biologist and I can assure you that bacterial do not lead a "digital
existence." I do not know all the details of what goes on in a tank as
regards bacteria (I do not think anyone does) but it's a lot more complex
that you seem to think. BTW, bacteria do not breed. As to your request for
"proof" you sound more like a lawyer than an aquarist. If you want to
contribute to the discussion of bacteria in tanks then do some reading or
research and let us know what you find out. Simply stating your "beliefs"
and challenging someone to disprove them does not help at all.

Peter G. Aitken