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Re: frit makers

Elvis wrote:

"There is also a method used in the preparation of F.T.E (Fritted Trace
Elements), where chemicals are mixed with molton glass and aerated. The
results is something like pumice and can be crushed to the desired
texture. Trace elements can then diffuse at very slow rates from this
frit. There was an Italian frit maker who was interested in preparing
such a product for use in aquariums; James P. did anything come of that?
They were looking for someone to perform testing and assist with product

They did contact me, and as you state, they were looking for someone to test
their products and provide them with an "endorsement". The information that
they sent to me indicated that their product was designed more for
terrestrial application than for use in an aquarium and the product range
did not include a complete and/or balanced mix of micronutrients. Nor did I
get any indication or feeling that these people had _any_ grasp on growing
plants in aquatic situations - theirs was purely an economic motive. If I
remember correctly, I would have had to actually BUY the material I would be
testing for them...

They probably thought that aquarium hobbyists might be a niche market that
they could expand into and needed a front to get them an "in". The hobby has
enough companies like this, we don't need another one. I let the matter
drop - I'm not in this hobby to endorse _any_ particular economic venture
(of course, if some company wants to put me on a six figure retainer I might
change my mind.....<g>)

James Purchase