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Re: RFUGs and more

Gitte writes:

> Okay, I've been reading the archives, so I'll be the brave newbie and ask:
>  What is a RFUG?  What's its purpose?

Reverse Flow Under Gravel filter.  It is driven by air or a powerhead, and 
sends water DOWN the lift tube instead of up.  The water flows up through the 
gravel, and deposits all the waste stuff under the plate or in the tube, 
depending on the design.
>  What is a "kitty litter tank"????

It is a tank with the substrate(gravel) amended by the addition of cheap clay 
kitty litter, usually during the initial set-up process.  Plants don't 
generally do as well in a plain gravel bottom.  A number of alternative 
approaches are being used by the list members.

Bob Dixon