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>Richard Sexton reports that he hasn't had any ick in his tank for (15?) years.
>I recall reading in an ad that there was a filter media sold, which 
>supposedly absorbed all manner of things, including viruses (or it actually 
>destroyed them). Without a background in biology, that seems preposterous to 
>me. I can't recall what the product was called.
>Lately I've been looking at some products from Tropical Science. They sell 2 
>products which I've been wondering about. One is called Immune-Plus and 
>supposedly contains Probiotic bacteria (much like acidophilus in humans?) 
>which helps control diseases, including Ick, Aeromonas and Vibrio. The other 
>is called Aquaflourish, which contains antioxidants and *aquatic* vitamins 
>that they purport will enhance health and coloration of fish and plants.
>Perhaps in an older, estabished tank there is a colony of health-promoting, 
>health-enhancing bacteria which help the fish fight off disease? Perhaps 
>Richard has a healthy dose of these in his tank?

Don't think so. I've moved twice in that 15 years and started anew
each time.

FWIW, I never buy fish from a pet/fish store. I think I've bought 2
plants in 5 years from what passes as the local fish store. I get
my fish and plants from other hobbyists and that's a pretty
small number of poeple - just killifish folks.

It may be that the patogen does not occur in their tanks. It
cannot spontanesously erupt!

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