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Re: Ram info

Confused about the content and question of the post . . .

My rams attempt to breed every few weeks or so, and have killed the two 
otocinclus that were in the tank. (Was a 20 gallon). They also traumatized my 
previously-active flagfish that were in the tank with them, such that, even 
now that they are moved into a larger and more peaceful tank, they hang at 
the surface and try to hide, which they learned to do in the shallow 20 
gallon, to keep as far from the territory as they could.

I should have realized when I saw the remaining oto hanging at the surface on 
top of some pennywort leaves on the opposite side of the tank, that she was 
in imminent danger. I thought things could hold out till moving day, the 
following weekend, but no cigar.

Incidentally, there are some articles around (at the Krib I believe), an 
experiment done on pH and percentage of (ram) eggs hatched. At 7.5, I 
wouldn't expect any to do so.