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Re: how soon to add fish & fishless cycling

Thanks for the points made.
I'd just like to add another cents worth. As I go along in this hobby, my 
view of *heavily planted* changes. So, what I thought was heavily planted in 
the beginning, is now perceived as *plenty of room for more*, i.e. lightly 
planted.  Maybe it's just me . . . I don't have the artistic flair that 
others seem to have, right off the bat. 

Secondly, it's worth mentioning that, even heavily planted, without the 
addition of CO2, I don't think the plants will use the amount of ammonia 
produced. You didn't mention, but I'm assuming that you are running CO2?

Does anybody NOT use CO2 and still get 0 readings on ammonia, nitrite or 

I just set up a 29 gallon tank, new gravel, new filter, etc. with a nearly 
full fish load (from a previous tank). I do have it somewhat heavily planted, 
but am running CO2. Ever cautious, I still threw in the biopad from an old 
filter on there. And I'm reading 0 on ammonia and nitrites, fortunately.


<< However, for FO tanks or lightly planted tanks
 I think the fishless method is vastly superior. >>