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dieing Rainbows and neon-tetras?

Over the past 3 weeks or so I have notice a number of my neon tetras and
praecox rainbows dieing with increasing regularity.  I have been noticing
some small (1-2cm)white worm looking creatures running along the glass in
this tank (125g planted discus tank) and am wondering if these worms may be
the culprit? The worms don't look like Planaria (sp?) because they have what
looks like an "arrow-head" like font and they are usually sliding across the
glass or otherwise fully attached to gravel plants or glass. The discus look
fine but the neons and rainbows are starting to die of at unacceptable
rates.  With all the talk of fish TB I am wondering if some of my fish are
now victim to this or maybe some sort of parasitic invasion?  I don't notice
any lesions however I do notice some neons with areas that are turning white
just before the tail fin.  Any suggestions?  I am also worried about a
robust group of Caridina Jopoinica shrimp in the tank and what a likely
medication regime might do to them.  I have no other "Scale-less" fish only
MTS and assorted bristle-nose plecos, ottos, SAEs, Farlowella (sp?).

Thanks so much for your help,

Tom Brennan
brennans at ix_netcom.com