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Re: The PlantGuild Substrate Fertilizing System; who uses it?

I recently bought their Adv kit $20.00 and its worth the expense.  It comes
with everthing you need to spot fertilize your plants specific nutrient
deficiencies and could possibly sell for more. THe chap that runs this gig
is friendly and quick to answer questions.  

I recommend his product for newbies with a pre-existing gravel substrate or
Advanced aquarists who dont want to mess w/ mixing their own PMDD or with
risky dosing in face of an algae bloom. 

I'd like to hear from others who use the product and what mixtures give
them  the best results w/ different plants.  

Right now I'm experimenting w/ soalking Jobes Plant Spikes in
micro-nutrient solution, letting the spikes swell and dry.  Then, using the
applicator to shoot the spikes under the root zone of plants. 

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