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Re: Adding 'Flourite' to an established tank

My understanding is that, unlike laterite, fluorite does not need to be
buried under gravel. If I recall correctly, the iron in laterite can
dissipate into the water column, possibly provoking algae growth. The iron
in fluorite is in a different form so it requires bacterial action for the
plants to take it up, and it will not transfer directly to the water. Am I
remembering this correctly? In any case there is no harm in covering the
fluorite, but it is not needed.

As for putting it is an established tank, you might try this technique which
I have heard can be used to add potting soil to an established tank. Wash
the fluorite then make it into small packets perhaps 4 x 6 inches and an
inch think, wrapped in waxed paper. Push the existing gravel aside, place
the packet, then cover with the gravel. Use a nail or ice pick to poke a
bunch of holes in the paper. Eventually the paper will dissolve.

Peter G. Aitken